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We all want a bargain, we all want genuine value for money, so it is important to know that you are getting the best policies at the best terms available.



At Aequitas we completely understand that you want your finances to work hard for you and this means ensuring that you get real value for money on the cost of your tyre insurance policy.


We monitor the market daily to ensure that each and every time you click for a tyre insurance quote you are always offered some of the very best if not the best price in the UK.


For this reason we do not offer a price match or a guarantee, equally we do not use vouchers or discount codes.


Instead in the very unlikely event that you find a cheaper quotation simply contact us we will verify the quote and then simply beat it. No drama, no fuss, no gimmicks. Just genuine tried and tested polices which when you need to make a claim perform and all at the best prices within the UK.


We also live in the real world and completely understand your skepticism.


If your local dealership has just quoted £400, £500 or even £600 and our policies are a fraction of the cost the initial human gut reaction has to be that our policies are not as good. We must have lots of get out clauses. There must be problems when you come to make a claim. With a price difference so large there has to be a major difference.


There is a difference and you will be pleased to know that it has absolutely nothing to do with support, what your policy will and will not cover, back up or for that matter anything to do with how your policy would work when you come to make claim. Instead there are real factual reasons which again in the interests of being completely fair are completely beyond your dealerships control.


If you buy tyre insurance directly from your dealership they are legally bound to charge you insurance premium tax at 20%. If you buy tyre insurance independently, this is charged at the standard rate of insurance premium tax, this is traditionally lower.


Your local dealership we are sure is a very busy place and again we are confident that they provide lots and lots of vehicles and therefore lots and lots of tyre insurance policies. What you may not know is that in most cases we would provide a main dealerships yearly quota of tyre insurance in just a few days.


To put this into perspective lets apply these economies of scale to buying a vehicle. We are confident that you have just got a fantastic deal on your new vehicle. But instead of simply buying perhaps one or even two vehicles at a time if instead you where buying 300,000 you would expect to use your powers of negotiation to bring the price down. Same vehicle just a better price. Again you would use your buying power to ensure that all of your vehicles had lots of nice extras at no additional cost.


This is exactly what we do, we use our buying power to keep the prices as low as possible and our negotiation skills to ensure that our policy holders have lots of nice extras.

Guaranteed Low Prices

At Tyre Insurance 123 "we do not match prices instead we beat them!"

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