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Are Run Flat tyres something new?


Run flat tyres we may think are something very new however the concept started back in 1935.


The first run flat tyre was simply a tyre within another tyre and was widely advertised as a way of complete protect against punctures and the dangers associated with tyre issues.


The tyre giant Michelin stepped in and researched a tyre which was in part solely for use on trains, it had a tyre which included a re-enforced rim. This meant that if a train was travelling a speed and the tyre deflated the train would be able to safety run on the rim and foam lining.


This extra added safety was quickly adopted by the military and some specialist vehicles where ultimate safety and peace of mind of knowing that there would be no disruption, was paramount such as security vehicles and armoured cars.


The price of production unfortunately meant that it was too expensive to use in main stream vehicles such as the cars we know and use today.


Over twenty years after the first concept of run flat tyres Chrysler and Good Year attempted to improve of the concept of and use a form of pressured air to keep the tyre inflated. Dunlop followed suit in 1972 seeing the commercial potential in this type of tyre.


Quickly other tyre manufacturers joined the race to make cheap affordable Run flat tyres that would offer the same protection but at a cost which would be economic.


New modern days Run Flat tyres have a secondary lining inside the main tyre which self seals if punctured by a small object. In doing so air is stopped from leaking out of the tyre almost instantaneously.


Run flat tyres have now been adopted by many manufacturers simple because of their reliability and driver convenience, however the cost still remains higher than standard tyres.


We would recommend that as Run Flat tyres are thankfully no-longer just for specialist and prestige vehicles and in view of the fact that so many manufacturers are using this form of tyre it is important to check which type of tyre you have before buying tyre insurance online to make sure that you are completely covered.

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