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We are often asked if buying tyre insurance online a good idea or is instead simply a case of half the price, half the policy?


At Tyre insurance 123 we live in the real world and as such have the same questions and reservations as you. If you have just been quoted £600, £700 or in some cases more for a tyre insurance policy and then are quoted less than 50% of the cost there must be a difference.


If fact at Tyre Insurance we are often asked many questions about the stark differences and are never offended.


If the policy is half the price or less, a perfectly normal natural assumption would be as some of our policy holders so eloquently phased....

"There must be lots of get out clauses?"

"The claims teams must do everything they can not to pay"

"You must have mis quoted the price"

"That must be a yearly cost"


You are right there are differences but it is nothing to do with the tyre insurance policy, what happens when you make a claim or how you are looked after.


At this point we would sincerely wish to be able to state that the price differences are all because you local supplier is simply trying to take advantage of a semi captive market and make as much money as possible. However that is simply not true and instead the price differences are in fact completely beyond your local dealership or garages control.


Instead differences in rates of Insurance Premium Tax (almost like Vat on insurance) and supplier rates (the amount of policies that you local dealership will be able to provider in a year) means that buying online will always be less expensive.


We are in many respects performing the same function as your local tyre insurance supplier instead because you are buying your tyre insurance independently from the purchase of your vehicle we are legally bound to charge the lower rate of IPT. This alone equates to a massive difference in prices. Combine this with the fact that we would often provide a garages total annual quota of policies in a matter of days so it is easy to understand how we can use our buying power to negotiate preferential rates.


Although we know that the price your pay for your tyre insurance is important it can never take preference over the levels of cover, customer service and claims handling.


What happens when you make a claim, for us it is the single most important aspect of any policy and is the only real acid test. This is also where buying online can have advantages. We are a independent specialist broker and have concentrated on ensuring that our policies are some of, if not the most customer focused policies available.


Our claims team again is completely customer service focused and understands completely that no-one ever really wants to make a claim. No-one ever wants to be inconvenienced. So whilst buying a tyre insurance policy can not stop your vehicle from getting a puncture or requiring a replacement tyre we can ensure that when you do it is handled quickly, efficiently and any disruption kept to an absolute minimum.


So for real value for money tyre insurance, cast iron easy to read terms and conditions, backed by the FSCS, all at some of, if not the lowest prices in the UK it has to Be Tyre Insurance 123.

Guaranteed Low Prices

At Tyre Insurance 123 "we do not match prices instead we beat them!"

5 star tyre insurance and customer service


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