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Tyre insurance 123 is proud to be part of the Aequitas Automotive family.


Aequitas Automotive Limited was incorporated in 2010 by our senior management team. Originally from the motor industry and insurance backgrounds and had in their own right achieved an excellent reputation and many accolades within their chosen fields.


They had, however, become disillusioned with the corporate policies and red tape.


Hence the birth of Aequitas. Aequitas is the god of fair trade and honesty and that is exactly what our senior management team wanted. Fair to all, honest trading. They wanted to create a motor related family where customers and prospective policy holders would know that they would be treated fairly. That they would be treated as human beings and with the utter most good faith at all times. That claims would be handled in a fair and timely manor. Any incentives and targets not on rates of sales and policies provided but instead on rates of customer satisfaction. No fuss no drama just policies that work and perform at prices which are fair to both sides.


Aequitas' first brand on-line was easy gap insurance. Easy Gap was completely different from any other online gap insurance brands as it took the emphasis away from the customer in predicting which level of cover was most suitable and instead the systems where designed to eliminate protection that consumers where not eligible for and highlight options.


The second brand and sister of Tyre insurance 123 came about after many discussions with Motorway Direct PLC. Motorway Direct where already the name behind many house hold recognised brands and we where keen to incorporate their expertise with new policies which were more forward thinking such as 5 year policies and more weight given to deferring start dates.


The third brand Shortfall was a a new direction and was the first brand to be able to offer not just gap insurance but also a host of other policies such as scratch and dent and tyre insurance. Underwritten by one of the insurance industries genuine heavy weights UK General on Behalf of Ageas. However, as of March 2017, this has since changed to another heavyweight in the industry Mapfre with claims handled by Abraxas.


Tyre insurance 123 followed shortly after with stand alone tyre insurance available for vehicles up to 5 years old.


Why do Aequitas have so many gap and tyre insurance brands?


The answer is simple. Our goal from the outset has been to offer the best policies at the best prices. Each team of underwriters will cover different circumstances in different ways and therefore rate the risk accordingly. This means that no one brand or policy is perfect. Instead different brands and different policies will suit different circumstances.


For example, Gap Insurance 123 can offer cover for motorbikes and taxis and for vehicles up to £75,000 but with a maximum of £25,000 claim limit. There are also excluded manufacturers. So not the perfect solution if you have a £98,000 Aston Martin.


At Easy Gap, there are no excluded vehicles and we can still cover motorbikes and taxis but again to a maximum of £75,000., there are no excluded manufacturers as such with regards to Gap Insurance, with claim limit options of up to £50,000, as well as cover for motorbikes.


In fact, Tyre insurance 123 is possibly the most uniform of the four brands we own. In that there are no excluded manufacturers instead if your cover is simply based on your tyre size, type of wheel and length of cover. Tyre insurance is the last of our current brands to be released to the public and has been met with rave reviews from policy holders who appreciate the no nonsense fair approach and we hope that you will too!

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