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Tyres are expensive but did you know that the worlds most expensive tyre is approximately 63000 dollars each?


Top of our top five most expensive tyre is fitted to the LeTourneau L-2350 front-loader. One single tyre weight six point eight tonnes and is over four metres in diameter. Even with chains around the tyres which are designed to extend the life span the average tyre will only last one year.


Second is the Caterpillar 797 dump truck. This monster tyre is made by Michelin and is slightly smaller at three point nine metres and lighter at five point three tonnes however it will still cost a jaw dropping forty two thousand dollars per tyre. That is a staggering £24845.38


Third in our list of fame is again made by Michelin but this time for the Bugatti Veyron while substantially less than the caterpillar and front loader it is still just under six thousand pounds at £5917.67


At fourth place is a tyre which instead of being filled with air is pumped with Nitrogen? Yes the NASA Space shuttle tyre which coincidentally can only ever be used once costs £3252.68.


Last place in our top five list is the Monster Truck. This is the most expensive tyre made by Goodyear . Being hand cut it is a 2.6m high. Remembering that the average monster truck team will budget to replace an average of eight tyres per year at just under £1500 per tyre that is a massive £12000 per year. 


Tyres fitted to most UK vehicles are thankfully much more reasonably priced however they can still cost of small fortune.

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