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At Tyre insurance 123 we think that it just as important to know what your policy will not cover and what it will.


The whole concept of tyre insurance is that if you have a puncture or need a new tyre it can cost hundreds of pounds. Tyre insurance therefore allows you to take control of the unforeseen motoring costs. So before we look at what your policy can do to help lets look at what it cannot do as in our opinion the exclusions of any policy are equally as important.


Also the very last thing that we or our underwriters would want is for a customer to buy a policy that they are not eligible for. Equally we would never want any policy holder to not completely understand what they are and are not covered for.

What your policy will not cover.  


We cannot cover any amount of the maximum of £300 per claim and this will have to be paid by you.


Any claim occurring within 28 days from the insurance Policy Start Date.


Damage caused by improper use of the your vehicle, incorrect tyre pressure, wheel alignment, balance, defective steering or suspension.


Cosmetic damage.


Replacement or repair of Tyres required as a result of faulty manufacturer or design.


Tyres that do not carry an ‘E’ mark.


Tyres that are below the Legal Limit when the incident occurs.


Any repairs if they are covered by any other Insurance policy, warranty or guarantee.


Any claim not authorised by the claims team before  the repair work is carried out. 


Your Vehicle if it is used as a taxi or driving tuition vehicle, or it has been modified.


If your vehicle is over 3500kg GVW, if it is used in any sort of race or other competition.


Now that you know what your tyre insurance policy cannot cover lets look at what it can.


Your policy also covers winter Tyres, fitted to your vehicle provided these are in accordance with the manufacturers original
specification and within legal limits.

Tyre Insurance is available for passenger cars, light 4 wheel commercials & motor homes (under 3500 GVW) and motorcycles.

You can make up to 5 claims and the maximum we will pay per claim is £300. There is a maximum of two claims for motorbikes.


Your tyre policy covers accidental damage.


Your policy includes the cost of replacement valve and wheel balancing.


We can cover the cost of malicious damage however to claim under this part of your policy you must report the incident
to the police, and be able to quote your crime reference number when making your claim.

We will pay up to £50.00 to repair a puncture.


If you need to call out help to assist you in dealing with a puncture or flat tyre we will pay up to £30.00 towards the cost. This is including in the maximum £300 per claim.

You are covered under your tyre insurance policy in Mainland Europe for up to a maximum of 60 days in any one trip.


For a full list of policy details please refer to your Tyre Insurance 123 policy. The information above is applicable for all Tyre Insurance 123 policies purchased prior to June 2017.

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