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Why is monitoring your tyre pressure so important?


We all take it for granted that when we turn the key in our vehicle it will automatically spring to life. Our vehicle will do exactly what we want when we want it to. Manufacturers have spent billions in technological advances which mean that our vehicles can go longer than ever in between services.


With new engines now resembling space shuttles as opposed to the traditional motor engine we are in fact encouraged to leave maintenance to the experts. This does not however mean that we should ignore basic items such as tyre pressure. 

Michelin the tyre super brand recommend that you should check your tyre pressures at least once a month. They also recommend that they should be re-checked before a long journey.


Failing to check your tyres could not only mean that your journey will cost more as incorrect tyre pressure can adversely effect fuel efficiency but also reduce your tyres ability to grip the road. 


This can also mean as your vehicle can not grip the road as well it can increase the time it takes for you to break and decrease the life span of your tyre making a replacement tyre inevitable.

This means that regularly and accurately checking the pressure of your tyre could save you a lot more than just the cost of a new tyre.


When did you last check your tyre pressure?


If you can not say for sure you could be just one of the many motorists who are currently driving with dangerous under inflated tyres.  Lets look at cold hard facts and figures just the cost of the fine for driving with under inflated tyres is up to £2500. Worse still that it not maximum amount that you would be fined instead it is the maximum amount per tyre.


Tyre pressure can and will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even within model ranges so it is imperative that you check either in your owners manual, with a tyre specialist or even the manufacturer themselves. In some cases you may be able to find the tyre pressure on the inside door pillar of your vehicle or the inside of your fuel filler cap.


In summary ignore checking your tyre pressures at your own risk as it may cost you hundreds of pounds in fines, or worse increase the likelihood that you will have an accident due to a decrease in road handling.


Please also remember that our tyre insurance policies will not cover the cost of replacement tyres if they are being driven under or over inflated. 

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