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Why is Run Flat tyre Insurance normally more expensive than insurance for a vehicle with a standard tyre?


Run flat tyres have recently been heralded as a massive improvement in road safety. Anyone who has ever had a flat tyre at any speed will completely understand that the feeling of the loss of power and sometimes control can be very upsetting, stressful and dangerous.


Run Flat tyres are therefore a major leap forward as Run Flat Tyres have been designed to be able to withstand the weight of the vehicle even if the tyre has been punctured. 


The walls of the tyre are reinforced and still able to perform even at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour for sometimes up to 100 miles.


Run Flat tyres have also meant a huge advantage in that drivers are no longer forced to pull over to the side of the road and change a tyre or be left stranded in vulnerable situations awaiting the arrival of their recovery provider. This switch from standard to Run Flat tyres is also no longer simple for prestige vehicles as many manufacturers are now fitting them to more main stream vehicles.


This increased safety, flexibility and easy of use unfortunately comes at a cost because at the moment there is no way to repair a Run Flat tyre and therefore even a small puncture will require a replacement tyre. 


This means that if you have a vehicle with Runflat tyres if you need to make a claim it will never be for a puncture repair and will instead always be for a replacement tyre. This is therefore a higher risk to the insurer and naturally a higher risk means a higher premium.


At Tyre Insurance 123 we have tried wherever possible to keep our premiums to a minimum and in most cases the price difference will be marginal however the slight increase is unavoidable.


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