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What makes a tyre legal?


If you think about your vehicle normally the state of your tyres will come a long way down the list of priorities yet having road worthy legal tyres are not only important from a safety perspective but can also mean that you leave yourself exposed to hefty fines.


For your tyre to be legal and road worthy you must make sure that it is ...


Inflated to the manufacturers specification. Incorrect tyre inflation can not only make your tyre wear out prematurely but can also effect breaking distances.


The tread on your tyre itself must be at least 1.6 mm. This means that a minimum of three quarters of the tyre that comes into contact with the road must have a solid, ongoing band of tyre above 1.6mm. Tyres which are below this limit can effect not only breaking distances but also cause problems with road handling and maneuverability.


The size and general condition of your tyre must also be in keeping with other tyres fitted to your vehicle. Small cracks, and abrasions in the wall of your tyre can lead to excessive pressure being placed on the tyre at points of which are no longer capable of withstanding the rigors of modern roads Therefore, this increases the risk of blow outs and punctures.


Your tyre is not the most appealing part of your vehicle yet making sure that it is road worthy and legal should we think be one of the most important aspects of driving. Loss of road handling, and inability to gain control of vehicles can be a major factor in road safety and one that no one should ignore.


Tyre insurance can help. It cannot cover the cost of your replacement tyre if it simply wears out however should you need to make a claim there will be no wear and tear deduction. For example, if your Run Flat tyre requires replacement and only has a tyre thread depth of 3 mm then some policies may ask for a contribution towards the cost of the pre-existing wear on your tyre.


At Aequitas we do not think that this is completely fair after all you did not plan to have a puncture. As such if you buy a tyre insurance 123 policy there are no wear and tear deductions, or excess to pay.


Instead if your tyre is damaged or has a puncture providing that your tyre is fitted in line with the manufacturers specifications and is above the legal limit our claims team will direct you to the closest repair centre who will be able to carry out any repairs and in most cases bill the claims team direct.


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