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What makes tyre insurance 123 policies different from other tyre insurance policies online or your dealerships policies?


Tyre insurance is a competitive market and at tyre insurance 123 we want to ensure that our policies not only offer market leading features with respect to your policy terms and conditions but also in terms of levels of customer service.


At tyre insurance 123 it is just as important that you understand what you policy will not cover as it is what it will protect you against.


Your policy has a host of features and has been designed in conjunction with our underwriters to ensure that they are as good if not better than any currently present in the tyre insurance market.


What makes our policies different is the service and back up that you have available at your disposal should you ever need to make a claim. Our claims team via Motorway Direct PLC are experts in the market and have a massive wealth of experience. In fact Motorway Direct handle the claims process for many house hold names including ourselves and have many accolades and industry achievements.


What do Motorway Direct PLC do when you make a Tyre insurance 123 claim and why do we not handle the procedure?


The underwriters AM Trust like nearly all insurance companies do not deal directly with brokers of the general public and instead nominate companies to be the public face of a certain part of their insurance business. This means that Motorway Direct handle and authorise any payments. When you call to make a tyre insurance claim they will take you details to confirm the validity of your claim and then authorise payment or give the garage authority to repair or replace your tyre.


You can also buy a tyre insurance policy from us no matter if you have no gap insurance at all or if you have purchased your gap insurance policy else where. In an ideal world yes we would like you buy your policy from one of our brands however unlike many other tyre insurance providers there is no eligibility criteria associated with the purchase of a gap insurance.


We feel that this is important as it gives you complete freedom and choice. It is also in keeping with our ethos of being fair and in that we believe that you should be able to mix and match policies. 


Value for money is also a consideration. We completely agree that this should come secondary to the performance of your tyre insurance as no matter if the policy costs £100 or £1000 it is a complete waste of money if your policy does not cover your claim. However, value for money and the cost of the policy has to be important. 


This is way at Tyre Insurance 123 we will never match a a price. Instead we have a department which monitors the market place both on and off line to ensure that the price you are quoted either via telephone or online via our automated system is one of if not the cheapest prices in the UK.


In the unlike event that you do find a cheaper quote we will not match it instead we will simply beat it. No long terms and conditions, no hidden get out clauses just real value for money and a cast iron guarantee.


What makes tyre insurance 123 different from the rest? 


Simple our commitment to outstanding levels of customer service both now and when you make and tyre insurance claim and a water tight guarantee that you will not pay more for one of our policies than you would for a potentially lesser level of protection from a competitor.

Guaranteed Low Prices

At Tyre Insurance 123 "we do not match prices instead we beat them!"

5 star tyre insurance and customer service


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