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Is tyre insurance worth it for vehicles with Run Flat tyre's?


The answer to this question will depend who you ask?


Naturally we are an online specialist tyre insurance broker so yes we whole heartily believe that tyre insurance can and does save policy holders hundreds and hundreds of pounds.


The idea of tyre insurance is really very easy if your tyre is punctured or damaged and requires a replacement your policy will pay to replace it up to three hundred pounds per tyre or £50.00 in the case of a puncture.


So in many respects tyre insurance is just like gadget insurance or even house insurance in that you are paying for someone else to take the financial risk of something happening.


Is tyre insurance genuinely good value for money?


Yes we honestly believe that tyre insurance is exceptionally good value for money. If you calculate out how much our most expensive policy would cost over the longest period that if you have Run Flat tyre insurance for four years. That policy would cost just £295.00. Yes it is easy for us to say as it is not our money instead it is your hard earned cash. But when you average out how much that really costs just £73.75 per year, which is a fantastically low price of just £6.14 per month.


If you then look at how much a run flat tyre costs in most cases just the cost of one tyre will almost pay for your policy.


For example if your car has Bridgestone Runflat tyres a replacement tyre ( after a quick search on Google the cheapest we could find as of July 2014 )


16" 205/55WR16 costs £98.50 for just one tyre.

17" 225/50YR17 costs £179.50 for just one tyre.

18" 245/40YR18 costs £195.50 for just one tyre.

20" 295/35YR20 costs 347.50 for just one tyre.


This means that if you have a vehicle with 20" Run Flat tyres you would start to save money the moment that you are required to replace just one tyre

Please also remember that with our tyre insurance policies you policy will not stop simply because you have made a tyre claim. Instead it will continue until you have made either 5 claims or the expiry date.


So is Tyre insurance worth it, well if you have Run flat tyres there is absolutely no doubt that it could save you a lot of money.

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