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The are lots of advantages of having a vehicle fitted with Run Flat Tyres however like everything there will also be disadvantages.


What are the main disadvantages of owning and maintaining a vehicle which has Run Flat Tyres fitted?


The top concern for owners and motorists is normally the cost of a replacement of a Run Flat Tyre. This is because as a rough rule of thumb a replacement run flat tyre will cost approximately 33% more than the standard tyre equivalent. Did you know that your fuel economy can also be affected?


There are fuel economy savings because you are not having to drive around with the additional weight of a spare wheel, however as Run flat tyres tend to be heavier than their standard tyre counter parts. This could mean a miles per gallon reduction of as much as one to two percent.


The stiffer heaver design of run flat tyres can also mean that they are not as well equipped to cope with our harsh winters. In fact lots of Run flat tyre vehicle owners prefer to revert to winter tyres as the temperatures drop and the on set of winter creeps closer.


So owning a vehicle with run flat tyres can affect your vehicles ability to grip the road in low temperatures and possibility your fuel economy however the top concern for many owners we have had communication with is the fact that having a tyre repaired after a puncture is almost impossible.


It is completely true that in theory repairing a Run Flat tyre is not beyond the realms of possibility as the vehicle has to support the weight of the vehicle and be load bearing on the rims they will require further and more comprehensive inspection.


Do the disadvantages out weigh the advantages of buying a vehicle with run flat tyres.


The ultimate answer has to be your choice, however with the added security of not having to change a tyre, the added safety that being more in control while driving and having a puncture and the peace of mind that these bring to our mind is nothing in comparison.


Yes tyres are expensive and yes you may lose a minute of fuel economy but this for us has to pale into insignificance in comparison to the safety advantages that modern vehicles fitted with Run Flats tyres now offer.

Despite these obstacles and concerns, run flat tyres are increasingly becoming standard equipment on new cars and the reasons are simple: safety and peace of mind. Not only do run flats ease concerns, but they make a vehicle easier to control in the case of a tyres blow out.

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