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Tyre insurance 101.


A Tyre Insurance Policy  is an insurance policy that will pay to have your tyre repaired or replaced if it is damaged or punctured.


This means similar to other forms of general insurance it is best to find a tyre insurance policy that has the  least amount of exclusions possible. An exclusion is a reason why your tyre insurance claim would not be paid.


There are common exclusions to look out for so before you buy tyre insurance you need to review your policy documents and ensure that any policy you buy has as few as possible.


Read your Tyre policy and find out if there is any excess to pay if and when you need to make a claim? An excess is an amount that you are asked to pay towards the total cost of the repair or replacement tyre.


Find out how much the claim limit is for each claim? If the replacement cost of your tyre is £245.00 there is no point considering a policy which has a maximum claim limit of less than £300 as other wise you could be left having to pay towards the cost your tyre.


How many tyre insurance claims can you make during the life span of your policy? If you are buying a four year policy but can only make two claims potentially you are leaving your self exposed at the end of your policy.


Will your policy cover malicious damage? It is a sad testament to todays society but there are elements of our community that will purposely damage tyres. This means that if your vehicle is targeted you could be left having to pay for replacement tyres through no fault of your own.


Is the amount that you are paid diminished because of wear and tear? This means that if your tyre has just 2.5 mm of tyre tread left is the amount that you can claim  be adjusted to allow for the fact that you have worn tyres?


Only once you have ensured that your tyre insurance policy is as comprehensive as possible should you even consider comparing prices.


This is because sometimes a tiny saving now could mean that you buy a tyre insurance policy which is not as "all inclusive" as another and therefore your ability to claim and subsequently not have bear the cost yourself could be reduced.

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