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Is Tyre Insurance just an insurance for new cars?


The answer is simple No!


When it comes to Tyre Insurance the most important aspect is not necessarily if your vehicle is new instead it is more important to know how long you have owned your vehicle for.


If you have owned your vehicle for over 30 days our underwriters have no way of confirming the the tyre thread or quality of your tyres. Equally, if you have just purchased a vehicle from a main dealership or VAT registered garage as part of their service standards they will of had to of checked your tyres to make sure that they are up to both their and the manufactures standards.


This allows our claims team to know conclusively that at a certain date in time your tyre's where fit for purpose. We live in the real world and it is not easy for anyone in todays current economic climate. Please do not misunderstand we are not suggesting for one second that any of our policy holders would ever knowing buy a policy to avoid paying for a puncture or repair that they already knew about, but being realistic this must happen to some extent.


Naturally false and fraudulent claims in all walks of insurance cost us the Great British Public millions if not billions of pounds in increased costs and higher insurance premiums so our tyre insurance has been designed to hopefully discourage fraudulent claims.


Insurance has to work for both sides and it has to be fair. As such we have controls in place which whilst they will not penalise genuine legitimate policy holders we hope will discourage the "less honest" members of society.


As such to qualify for tyre insurance you must have purchased your new or used vehicle within 30 days and when you buy a policy there is an exclusion period. This means that during the first 28 days of your policy you will not be able to make a claim.


Again this is in place to ensure that the volume of fraudulent claims that is to say claims which are made because someone has a puncture or blow out in the morning buys a tyre insurance policy in the afternoon and then claims two hours later, is kept to a minimum.


In fact, tyre insurance from TyreInsurance123 is available for vehicles up to 5 years old which have no more than 60,000 miles on the clock. Tyre insurance is also available for your to buy online for light commercial vehicles as well as motorbikes.


Again the type of vehicle to some extent dose not matter instead it is what you will be using it for.


For example, we can provide tyre insurance for a ford transit which is to be used as a plumber van, but we can not provide cover for a ford transit if it is going to be used as a courier vehicle.


This is because tyre insurance is all about how likely you are to make a claim. If you run alongside the average claims rates, the chances are that over a period of time, you will have a claim, but it may be just one or two. Instead, if your car is used as a Taxi because of the volume of time that you will spend on the road your chances of making a claim is much higher.


We want real tried and tested policies which perform and that give genuine peace of mind to our policy holders and yet be able to provide them at an affordable cost, why not click or call for an instant tyre insurance quotation.

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