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Will your tyre insurance 123 policy cover the wear and tear of your tyre's?


Unfortunately the simple answer is no.


Tyre insurance is there to protect you should something un-expected happen to your tyres. For example a puncture, malicious damage or even a blow out. It is however not able to cover normal and perfectly natural wear and tear.


It is a sad fact of life that over time things deteriorate. This is not just limited to cars and vehicles instead wear and tear happens in all walks of life. From sofas to cars, from washing machines to lawn mowers, from wiper blades to tyres. It is not that a part has failed or been used incorrectly instead it is just that constant use has taken its tole. This means that just like your sofa and your wiper blades your tyre's will wear out.


Even if you drive with the correct tyre pressures as these precautions will not stop wear and tear instead they simply prolong the life span of your tyre.


Wear and tear is a natural and normal part of motoring and just like your wiper blades after a period of years or extended use they will repair replacement. These means that no matter how careful you are you will have to buy replacement tyre's. While tyre insurance may not cover the cost you may be able to budget for replacement tyre's by way of a maintenance package.


This is not an insurance policy instead you are normally asked to pay a fixed amount each and every month. This amount is then used to pay for replacement tyres. This is a common way of protecting both private individuals and business's from additional costs and is common place with finance and contract hire vehicles.


Another way is to simply try where ever possible to budget for the expense via way of savings. This may be the cost efficient however you will still have to be aware that depending upon how long you anticipate to keep your vehicle that it is more than likely that you will have to foot the bill.


There are however lots of things that you can do to prolong the life of your tyres and when a full set of replacement tyres can cost as much as nearly £1700 it is worth trying where ever possible to follow the guidelines.


To summarize your tyre insurance will not cover normal wear and tear and should you ever need to make a claim there must be at least 2mm worth of tyre depth.


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