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Why should every tyre you buy have an "E" mark on it?


Did you know that each and every tyre you buy within the UK and the European Community must show an "E" mark on it. This also applies to any part worn or retreaded tyres as well.


The "E" mark simply means that the tyre you want to buy complies with all current European legislation and guidelines. This means that the tyre you buy has been tested and passed for its capacity to be load bearing and also the speed rating verified. It will also have approved thread depth and will be most importantly safe to use at speed.


The easiest way to think of an "E" mark is that it is almost like the kite marks we are so familiar seeing on double glazing and many electrical goods. The "E" mark is therefore simply a standard recognised way of ensuring that any tyre you buy will be fit or purpose.


Please remember that as we have advocated on many occasions your tyre is one of the most important aspects of the your vehicle and a contributing factor in improving driving, road handling and above all else safety. No matter what gadgets and gismos your vehicle has it is this small and seeming uninteresting piece of rubber compound that ensures that your vehicle does, goes where you want when you want it to.


If you are tempted to buy a Tyre with does not have the "E" mark please remember that you may be buying a tyre which is substandard, this would mean that your tyre insurance policy would not be able to cover the cost of a repair or replacement, but worse you could be putting yourself and your passengers in harms way.


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