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If you have just had to replace your tyre, with hope with the assistance of tyre insurance, you may have wondered what happens to your old tyre. 


Disposing of old tyres has been a big concern for the UK for many decades as an estimated 100,000 tyres are discarded each day in the UK alone. In just one day, this equate to approximately forty million tyres and this figure is set to rise to a staggering one hundred and twenty one million in the next few years based on current usage.


Until 2006 only seventy percent of these tyres are recycled in one form or another which means that 30% was sent to landfill. Thankfully new European community laws means that the practise of sending the toxic tyres to be buried deep beneath us has now been banned. 


Just 26% of the recycled tyres are reused as part worn tyres.


Tyres have a higher calorific density than coal and just one tyre would equate to 10 litres of oil. As such storing and disposing of these toxic and hazardous items has to be a long term concern for everyone. 


With a higher calorific value than top grade coal, a typical car tyre equates to ten litres of fuel oil, and represent a massive problem for us all. This means that they are more volatile and most member of the public give them credit for.


Disposing of tyres correctly, environmentally and responsibly costs money so it is worth ensuring that your old tyre is disposed of correctly. Thankfully more and more of our tyres are now being reused and recycled and used in many different ways. From helping to build safe play surfaces for children in playgrounds to even within the building industry.


The penlites for not disposing of tyres in a responsible manor is something that both we the general public and the relevant governing bodies now take seriously. In a landmark case Carl David Steel was sentenced for 15 months for illegally dumping an estimated one million tyres. In just one year Steel dumped tyres at isolated locations with an estimated four hundred thousand being discovered at one site in Lincolnshire alone.


So next time your tyre has a puncture or is worn out please make sure that your tyre provider is disposing of your old tyre correctly.

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