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How does a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System work?


Having the correct tyre pressure in your tyres will not only improve breaking distance but also prolong the life span of your tyre, so having a system in place to monitor your tyres in real time can not only save money but also lives.


Tyre pressure monitoring systems has been used within the motor industry since the 1980's with the Porsche 959 being the very first mass production vehicle to offer the system in 1986. In 1996 the French super brand PSA Renault and Citroen group soon saw the safety benefits and offered customers the opportunity to buy the factory built vehicles with the system as factory options. 


The road handling and therefore safety of vehicles fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems is so superior that as of November, 2014 must now as part of the new European legislation be fitted with TPMS with many other countries soon to follow suit.


How do Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS for short) work?


TPMS in their simplest form monitor the pressure within your tyres and alert the driver if the tyre pressure falls. This means that early detection of punctures is now possible. This also means that drivers and vehicle owners are alerted in real time and therefore able to modify their driving style to accommodate potential risks.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring systems at first glance can  be the most important aspect of buying a new vehicle but anything that can save lives and money has to be a step in the right direction. 


Please also remember that your tyre insurance policy will not be able to cover you if you have a puncture or require a replacement and your tyres are not inflated in line with manufacturer recommendations.

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