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Are you ready to switch your car back to Summer Tyres

Bridgestone urge British motorists to switch back to summer tyres.


Tyre manufacturing giant Bridgestone, have urged UK drivers to change from winter tyres back to summer tyres, if they have not already done so. Some drivers change their standard tyres to winter tyres each Autumn, to give better grip and safety in difficult road conditions in the colder months. However, it can be very easy to forget to swap your vehicle tyres back again as summer arrives.


What effect can this have?


Well Bridgestone say that their own internal testing show that the softer compound and wider tread on winter tyres are not suited to warmer weather. Summer tyres provide better wear, fuel economy and most importantly safety in the lighter months. Bridgestone suggest that in warmer weather, braking in the wet can give 30% shorter stopping distances with summer tyres compared to their winter counterparts.


Bridgestone confirm that they believe it is most economical to maintain a summer and a winter set of tyres for your vehicle. Whilst the short term investment in a new set of tyres may be concerning, this is outweighed by the overall long term cost of ownership, as well as optimum safety for the driver, passenger and other road users.

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