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The new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake,Volvo engine technology and the Audi A9

Wednesday 26th November 2014 11:45:08

Yesterday Mercedes Benz revealed their brand new CLA Shooting Brake model which is to go on sale across various countries world wide from next year. The first glimpse of the car was seen in Los Angeles this month along with some of the specifications announced for it. Mercedes are looking to step into a new light with their vehicle range as just hours after this CLA Shooting brake was announced yesterday, the company also confirmed the arrival of a new CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake too which will pack a lot more power than this standard model. The car features a vast amount of space which points towards towards the direction of a very comfortable experience for those long drives out into the countryside. Classic,traditional bodywork features that have been seen before on past Mercedes models find a place on the car as does the addition of a four wheel drive platform to work with and an all round figure of 208bhp are just some the personal highlights for us.


The Audi A9 Prologue concept machine

Audi were just another one of the big time car competitors to be represented at the annual LA automotive event this year. They stole the show in our opinion with the first time reveal of their new A9 concept vehicle which has been given the name of the Prologue. A number of weeks ago, a teaser image of the car was revealed under some disguise just showing the layout of the bodywork. Since then drivers have been wondering as to what we can expect from the car. The feedback for the vehicle in America was very positive but it is uncertain as to whether the car will make it into production in the future. A very high chance of production could be expected though. Some of the design used on this concept vehicle is expected to be carried over onto some future vehicles that Audi have in the pipeline. A larger grille than ever before and wrap around LED tail lights are just two of the highlights. If the car is to make it into production, expect to see a turbocharged four litre engine find its rightful place underneath the bonnet.


Volvo and their triple turbo engine

Volvo are making history and the headlines around the world by announcing the development of a brand new, triple turbo engine. For the first time ever in a Volvo motor, a triple turbocharger has been tested and is expected to carry around 450bhp. There is no certainty of the future of the engine for use in Volvo production cars as this is just a concept idea at this moment in time. The company are currently developing a brand new Drive E line up and this engine has been confirmed to be a part of the same family. Rival competitors on the market such as Ford and General motors both from the US have already incorporated the use of triple turbo engines in their products so will Volvo be the next in line to use the power source?.

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