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A new Alfa Romeo Giulia set for next summer

Monday 24th November 2014 11:01:20

Alfa Romeo are one of Italy's biggest car companies and have been ever since they were first founded in June of 1910. The brand are owned by Fiat Chrysler and have graced the automotive trade with many of its biggest sellers over the years. The company are prominently known for cars like the Giuletta and the 4C. Today though we are bringing our attention to another new model that is in the pipeline for the company and it comes to us in the form of the Giulia. Some information has recently been revealed for this new model alongside an image which shows the future direction in which the company are expected to take their range. The Giulia has also been confirmed to carry more innovations in terms of its specifications and a new platform has also been confirmed in which the vehicle will run on. The vehicle is believed to be revealed from the Milan car show next year ahead of a potential launch throughout the course of the same year.


A look into the new direction Alfa Romeo are taking their range

The image of the car design that was shown with a range of new specifications show the car in the colour of White with LED headlights being clearly visible from the image. The name badge for the vehicle was also seen underneath the left headlight. An all new V shape front grille is also on display with the new Giulia. If this body design proves to be popular amongst car buyers around the world, we do think that the Italians could very well carry this design structure over to some future vehicles going on sale world wide. Alfa Romeo are to also make history with this vehicle by offering it on a rear wheel drive platform which will be the first time that the mass manufacturer have offered a main car on this platform since 1992.


A range of both four and six cylinder engines are also expected to be found across the range with specific details on this remaining pretty quiet right now. Around 320 units of brake horse power are also expected to be delivered upon by this new model when it becomes available. These engines are however expected to be new additions to the brand who have announced a plan to incorporate their new engine technology across a range of seven new vehicles by the year 2018. A range of models under the same name which will be more high powered variants are also expected to come along further down the line also. These may be badged as the Cloverleaf Giulia and is expected to give the driver around 500 brake horse power to work with.


Future rivals and the future for the Alfa Romeo Giulia

There have been a good number of vehicles that have been mentioned in relation to bringing the fight to the Giulia next year with one of them being the BMW 3 series. The M3 and the Mercedes AMG C63 are also vehicle names being thrown around in regards to some competitors for the car. An estate version of the model is also believed to make it onto the roads in the future with hopes of improving the sales figures on the companies SUV and estate line up.  

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