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A special look into the newly updated Audi RS Q3 for 2015

Thursday 20th November 2014 15:09:08

Around three weeks ago now, the Audi brand confirmed that they would bringing a range of brand new performance upgrades to both their Q3 and RS Q3 models in the new year and today we are taking a look into the RS Q3 which is already a more power orientated version of the vehicle. The firm have confirmed that a range of brand new updates are brought into play with this particular model and it could very well be that perfect vehicle for you if you're looking for something comfortable and powerful at the same time. We first saw the arrival of the Audi RS Q3 as a concept vehicle back in 2012 and it was just last year that the vehicle officially went into production and then went on sale around the world. Now though here we are just one year down the line and a brand new patch has been included for the vehicle in hopes of maintaining a good standing high up in the ranks along side new models set to make an appearance in the BMW X range next year. So what work has been put it into this newly updated RS Q3 model and is it a car that you really should think about spending your hard earned money on?.


A look into the new specifications announced for the RS Q3

So looking now as to what other features have been included this time around that could very well wet you appetite, we see that the mass manufacturer have now included the fitting of a 2.5 litre,five cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. With the addition of a seven speed,automatic transmission system now coming into play, we see that an overall power development from the RS Q3 now comes in the manner of 335bhp. The vehicle now develops 450NM of torque which is delivered to all four wheels. A top speed limitation has been put into place for this newly updated RS Q3 model and it stands firmly in place at 155 miles per hour. The sprint of which to 62 miles per hour is made from a standing start in a good steady time of 4.8 seconds.


Thanks to the new tweaks that have been included with the vehicle, we see that this sporty Q3 model has therefore received power adjustments of an increase of 30bhp. CO2 emissions for the car have also been vastly improved upon as can be demonstrated by the 203g/km figure that the vehicle now delivers on.


Audi have a great range all set to make their presence felt on the road in 2015 and this brand new RS Q3 is just the start. A new Q7 model is also expected to go on sale later next year with the R8 competition model also making its way onto the roads of America in 2015 also. The brand new Q3 model will also arrive which will bring the fight to the SUV division next year too.


At what price tag will the RS Q3 go on sale for?

It has firstly been confirmed that this brand new addition to the Q range for Audi will arrive in your local Audi showroom from January of next year. A price tag of around the £45,000 area is also expected to come along with the car with an official announcement expected to be made closer to the time. The likes of the Mercedes Benz GL A in the past has been able to match the RS Q3 in terms of power and performance rates so the question now remains as to whether or not these new performance tweaks will help the car to compete at the current standard that it is or could it prove to be too much for GLA from Mercedes to compete with?.  

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