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The X3 diesel from BMW

Monday 17th November 2014 09:55:33

Today we our focusing our attention on a brand new SUV model which has recently been launched by German manufacturer BMW. The brand new X3 diesel variant could prove to be one of the most sought after SUV models in its range and it has recently became available on our streets here in the UK. BMW are set to introduce the brand new X5 and X6 M models which are more power orientated versions of the big selling models. So this certainly proves that the X range from the German firm has certainly taken off over the years. The design of the vehicle we are looking into today is the entry level model which in our opinion is good value for money and offers some great features. The first generation of the X3 first went on sale back in 2003 with the second life cycle for the vehicle beginning in 2010. Does this new variant offer just as much value for money as its predecessors though and could this be the ideal vehicle for you?.


A look into the features to come along with the X3 entry level model

So with a look into some of the features that make this model something special to own, we firstly see that regarding the power source for this vehicle, the German auto-maker have included the standard fitting of a two litre, four cylinder turbo diesel engine unit. An eight speed automatic transmission system has also been included with the vehicle. If we take both of these key players into consideration, we see that the entry level X3 is capable of putting out 148bhp in total. This rear wheel drive model will also reach an overall top speed of 121 miles per hour with the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour being achieved in just 9.8 seconds.


The SUV division is of course growing at a rapid rate and has become one of the finest selling sectors in the automotive industry in this day and age. Now though with the new X3 diesel unit going on sale, do Audi with their new Q7 arriving next year have some competition to worry about and should Mercedes be weary when it comes to the hopes that they have for their M Class SUV line up?.


What price tag comes along with the entry level X3 diesel?

We are delighted to announce that this new diesel variant of the X3 is officially on sale right now and can be bought from your local BMW dealership. Regarding how much you can expect to pay out for this brand new model, expect to hand over a sum of £30,990.

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