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The latest news regarding new vehicle launches

Tuesday 25th November 2014 16:29:49

We have today constructed a list for you of some of the biggest news stories to find their place in the automotive industry. A range of four manufactures are represented in our look today at some of the biggest news stories here at Tyre Insurance 123. We have news reports varying from customer feedback on brands and future vehicle launches set to grace us with their presence in the UK for the future. We also have more on some brand new vehicle releases available now which are taking the world by storm. So in our first report from the car world now, we focus all of our attention on Italian car firm Alfa Romeo and the recent launch of a brand new Giulietta addition called the QV.


The Alfa Romeo QV

Our information today on a current vehicle release comes to us with the Giulietta QV from Alfa Romeo which is on sale right now across many countries world wide. The Giulietta range has proven to be one of the firms successful vehicle lines available on the market but, how well does a new QV variant do the range and could it be a vehicle worth investing into?. It was just four years ago now that our very first look into the Giulietta arrived on the road and now here we are four years down the line, one generation and two specifications later and we welcome in the QV to the world.


The QV is also referred to as the Cloverleaf and is a hot hatch version of the Alfa Romeo vehicle. The car shares much in terms of the design structure and styling to that of the ever popular Leon vehicle from Spanish company Seat. It receives a fairly standard rate of power but could be that ideal vehicle for you, if a small family run about is on the cards in terms of what you are are looking for. It contends with some of the biggest rivals on the road such as the Volkswagen Golf and the Ford Focus but does it share the same passion that these vehicles do?.The car is looking very nice in the 'Magnesio' colour design that it has been given. Its slim headlights and two exhausts at the back give it even more of a strong contender as far as looks are concerned. A turbo engine and a 152mph top speed rate also add to the excitement that the QV delivers. Look out for the vehicle as it is available from your local Alfa Romeo showroom right now.


BMW voted the most reliable brand in the United Kingdom

BMW have been voted in as the number one most reliable car company in the whole of the United Kingdom. The rankings were released this month which shows that the 3 series model from the firm has been voted as the number one reliable company car in the whole of the country. The organisation were also voted in for this years number one car manufacturer in the country. In total for both achievements, over 160,000 vehicles were taken into consideration with an online customer survey of which BMW topped the charts on both occasions. It was from 2010 until 2012 that the 3 series claimed the top spot for reliability that was until last year when their rival company Audi jumped into the first position. BMW are now back stronger than ever though and making an impact with the 3 series. With a look into the reliable vehicle rankings, it was Volkswagen that narrowly missed out at the top this year with the Golf which was the most purchased car of the first six months of this year in Britain. There is no doubt that the competition has certainly been fierce with Honda maintaining the very same fourth position place as last year for overall brand reliability.


A total of three BMW vehicles made it into the rankings for 2014 with the 1 series in eight place just missing out to the latest S Class from Mercedes Benz. The 5 series model had a strong showing in the fifth spot in the ranking with the 1 series topping the charts. Can the German company keep this momentum up in 2015 as they are introducing new models throughout the course of the next year which include additions such as the X5M and X6M or can other companies reclaim the grand prize for themselves?.


Audi in the midst of developing an all electric vehicle

The head of technical development at Audi, Dr Ulrich Hackenburg has confirmed that the company are in the midst of developing a brand new, all electric vehicle which could be set to arrive in the UK and in other countries from the year 2017. The electric model which is expected to be a number one contender when it comes to climbing the ladder of success for electric vehicles, is expected to be that breath of fresh air for customers looking for something that can take on the Tesla Model S. A name for the car has not been announced therefore news is being kept quiet regarding whether this will be an addition to an already available range or a new model completely. Dr.Hackenburg confirmed that from a full charge, the new model can be expected to travel up to a range of around the 280 mile area. It has been stated that this new model is under development right now and it will carry newer technology when it comes to a next generation of both batteries and electric motors which have been designed to allow for a much higher durability rate. No more news was revealed on the car by Hackenburg and any information on the motor is not expected to be announced for quite some time. Keep your eyes open for this one in the future.


Mercedes reveal the details on their new CLA 45 AMG

A brand new CLS shooting brake model is to go on sale next March and has been developed fully by Mercedes Benz and their long term partner AMG. Performance for the car has been vastly improved and he vehicle has now received a lot more space for both leg and head room for passengers and driver compared to that of previous additions to the range. This variant is of course the more higher powered version of the CLA shooting brake which was only revealed with its specifications earlier on today. The car will make history by holding its place as the quickest small style estate car that Mercedes Benz will have to offer. Both bumpers have been adjusted,side skirts are fitted and 18 inch wheels with the options of 19 are also up for grabs. Power is the key highlight though as demonstrated by a turbocharged,two litre power source.


The Geneva motor show in March will be the time and place for the car to be revealed for the first time in the flesh and it will also go on sale in the same month, just two months after the standard CLA shooting brake.


Ford to have a busy year in 2015

Next year will be the busiest year that Ford have had in twenty years. Rather than just putting the odd car on sale in a year duration, the vehicle designer are to put a total of six vehicles on sale. Ford are one of the most respected and recognised manufacturers around the whole world with earlier this year the Fiesta being confirmed to be the best selling vehicle in the UK of all time. The company look to carry this success over to the 2015 year with the revised Focus and Focus ST models launching at the beginning of next year. The brand new Mondeo and Mondeo hybrid for 2015 will also follow very soon after. The firms higher up-class Vignale and new Mustang will be another range of models. Both the C Max and S Max that were revealed just last month and feature a range of updates will also make their presence felt on the road from late on into next year.


The Volkswagen Golf R gains positive feedback in America

It was last week that the new Golf R estate model from the VW brand was put on display for the first official time ever. The car has been confirmed to be the latest variant in the long and prestigious Golf line up and will show off its dominating power and performance rates when it arrives next year. An all wheel drive platform,a turbocharged TSI engine stored underneath the bonnet and a DSG gearbox all point towards to the powerful drive that fans have been looking for. Of course with most variants in the Golf family, new features have been nicely fitted outside of the car such as eighteen inch alloys and completely new bumpers. Therefore its not just the performance rate from the vehicle that is good, it looks good also. We cant wait to see the feedback delivered for the car when its first set of deliveries arrive on UK soil from next Summer.

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