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The Audi R8 LMX with laser light technology

Wednesday 30th July 2014 10:42:39

German brand Audi have officially launched their brand new R8 LMX model. This is the second ever car around the world to include laser light technology with BMW beating them to the punch with the i8. The R8 LMX has been confirmed to be the companies fastest ever R8 model on the roads right now but the sad news is that this model has only been produced in a total of 99 units. With that being said, the chances of you finding one of these cars is pretty slim but if you are lucky enough to be the owner of one of these cars, you are in for a great driving experience like no other. The R8 has been one of the best line ups Audi have had to offer since the very first model was introduced to the world back in 2007. Now though this is the last addition to the Audi range before it is officially replaced next year. What a way to finish though on such a powerful car that the R8 will be remembered forever by.


What power does the R8 LMX contain and how do the laser lights work ?


Regarding the power aspect of the vehicle, we see that Audi want to finish the line up of R8 models with a lot to remember. We see that the German minds behind the car have included the fitting of a 5.2 litre,V10 engine which sees the car hit top speeds of 199 miles per hour. A very quick time of 3.4 seconds is all that is required to hit the 62 miles per hour zone from a standstill. A total power output of 562 brake horse power helps the R8 LMX produce these quick statistics. A seven speed,dual clutch transmission system also helps to benefit this four wheel drive model when it comes to quick shifts and an all round smooth driving experience.


So how are these laser lights incorporated to the car and how do they work ?. Well the R8 LMX has two basic light settings which consist of both high and low beams. Combined LED lighting help boost on distance also. The laser lights are part of the high beam setting which can be altered via a button located on the steering wheel. The laser lights when on a high beam kick in when the car increases slightly with speed. A camera located at the rear view mirror also affects the laser lights so as not to blind oncoming traffic.


Technology in our vehicles is certainly growing by the day as we see other manufacturers such as Mercedes amongst many others keeping up to date with the latest technological advancements. The car industry can prove to be challenging for some manufactures so can this R8 LMX addition prove to keep up to date and as a strong source of competition for competing companies ?. We certainly have no problem believing that.


How much is a brand new Audi R8 LMX ?


Only 99 units of the car have been produced in total. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these cars though you can make the official purchase for a total cost of £160,025.

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