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How much would it cost to replace just one tyre on your Audi?

Audi motor vehicles have been regarded for some time as the premier retail arm of the Volkswagen Audi Group. With manufacturers such as VW, Seat and Skoda from the same stable, the Audi badge is easily the most prestigious of the lot. Of course this inevitably comes at a price, and Audi' s are designed beautifully but with a price tag as expected also.

Styling comes all the way down to the wheels on the car, which have being recognised as one of the more aesthetic considerations required to create an automotive stir. Alloy wheels are certainly the norm these days, and these have generally got larger to. The same must be said of the tyres that adorn any prestige vehicle, coupled with increased safety improvements like run flat options, means that replacing the tyres can be expensive.

Tyre Insurance for your Audi?

Clearly a strong consideration when buying a new Audi is an appropriate tyre insurance product. By insuring yourself against the cost of replacing the tyres, in the event of an accident or vandalism, you are protecting against an unexpected bill.

tyre insurance for audiTyre Insurance for Audi
Naturally your Audi dealer will provide you with information on tyre insurance at the time of vehicle purchase. However, this is not the only avenue you can explore these days. Indeed as is the same with associated products such as Gap Insurance, you can find tyre protection from independent sources in the UK. These often can be quite preferable as they can provide at least equivalent cover for a fraction of the cost that main dealers quote.

Buy tyre insurance independently for your Audi?

Of course, like any product you consider for your new Audi, the tyre protection will have terms and conditions. It is highly advisable to study these carefully, and indeed compare them to other suitable products in the market.

Audi Tyre Insurance can be a terrific product, providing you check the terms and get the best price you can!

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