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Suzuki announce the new GSXR 1000 and a price tag is also confirmed

Monday 24th November 2014 16:16:37

The Suzuki corporation have revealed the addition of a brand new addition to their GSXR range which is all set to go on sale from next spring. This brand new model is the next addition of GSXR 1000 models and the firm have confirmed its grand launch for next year aswell as a price tag to come along with it that was announced over the weekend. The GSXR range is just one side of the Suzuki corporation that is being represented with changes next year. The company have also revealed a new GSX model, the returning Bandit and the return of the Inazuma too. There is no doubt about it that the GSXR 1000 is likely to be the biggest seller out of the range to go on sale next year as it has done so in the past. There is a lot of hype behind this particular model also as it has been confirmed to incorporate Moto GP technology with it being the same dulled down version of the bike which is all set to make its return to the Moto GP world championship next season.


The new GSXR 1000 to give out a performance like no other?

This new model added to the range will receive many standard fittings for Suzuki machines from this day and age but to celebrate their return to the Moto GP, the firm are also offering special pieces of equipment as standard with the bike. First of all, the firms anti lock braking system is a standard piece of equipment for this motorcycle now as are the Brembo brakes and Show pistons. The suspension system on the bike is also fully adjustable and a set of three way adjustable foot pegs are thrown into the mix also. Performance settings are also varied for the new GSXR as demonstrated by the three new riding modes which adjust the power delivery varying on whether you are riding on the road or on a track. A brand new slipper clutch system can also be found which gives out a vast improvement on rear tyre grip which is designed to reduce the pressure on the clutch when it comes to taking those sharp corners.


Yoshimura parts are very much the theme this time around too as we see the majority of special parts for the bike made by the company. A black R11 silencer for the exhaust made from carbon is just one of the highlights and this is also joined alongside by double bubble front screen. Bar ends,an oil filter plug and rear stand bobbins are just some of the other highlighted features created by Yoshimura. The bike is only to be made available in the one paint scheme which comes in Blue with Green inserts and the Suzuki brand name painted across the fairing of the motorcycle. The structure of the way in which the bike is built shares a same design as that of the S1000rr from BMW Motorrad with the large lifted tank and the raised back seat.


What price tag have Suzuki placed on the GSXR 1000 2015?

The price tag on this brand new GSXR 1000 for 2015 was announced over the weekend and has been confirmed to come in at £11,299. A launch in 2015 around the March time is also to come for the bike. So with Moto GP technology being incorporated into this brand new motorcycle from Suzuki does it have the pace and power to match the soon to launch Kawasaki Ninja H2 much in the same way it has brought the fight to the likes of the ZX 10 over the past number of years?.

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