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The new Hybrid Mondeo is now on sale

Monday 10th November 2014 09:26:50

We are today pleased to report that the brand new Hybrid variant of the popular Ford Mondeo for 2014 has officially gone on sale and could potentially be a vehicle that changes the face of the hybrid market for many years to come. The Mondeo is a long serving vehicle for the American automaker as it was first introduced onto our roads back in 1992. There have been a total of four generations of the car go on sale with this years model being the fourth. This will be the first time that Ford have offered the Mondeo in a hybrid form and it has been put on sale with the idea in mind of bringing the fight to many top companies now who offer hybrid technology such as BMW with the i3 model. What is it that makes this Mondeo something special though and why should you choose this vehicle over anything else on offer in the hybrid division?.


The Ford Mondeo hybrid a contender for the top spot?

Hybrid technology is very quickly becoming more and more popular as the years go by and now nearly every manufacturer around the world offers one of these vehicles as a part of their range. But what is it about the Mondeo that should stand out when it comes to making the choice of which hybrid is the right vehicle for you?. We firstly see that regarding the power that this vehicle puts out,Ford have included the standard fitting of a two litre,four cylinder petrol unit. This of course is joined alongside by the electric motor for the first time ever in the Mondeo. A CVT automatic transmission system has also been included with this front wheel drive car. A total power deliverance of 190bhp is put out from the Mondeo and a top speed of 116 miles per hour is helped to be reached with the car making it to the 62mph zone from a standing start in a good steady time of 9.2 seconds.


Ford however are not expecting the Mondeo hybrid to be a big seller here on European markets with the majority of demanding being in the states. With companies such as Audi with the R8 E-tron confirmed and Mercedes who have found success with their E Class Hybrid model making an impact on the EV market, can the Mondeo overcome the odds and deliver on an experience like no other?. Features such as a three spoke steering wheel and leather seating are carried over from that of the standard Mondeo.


How much does the Mondeo hybrid sell for?

This vehicle has now gone on sale and can be purchased from your local Ford showroom. If you are interested in making the purchase on this vehicle then you may be pleased to know that a purchase can be made for a cost of £24,995. We believe that the hybrid sector is only just heating up though as the AMG company who are famous for working with Mercedes have confirmed that they will soon be launching their own range of Hybrid models onto the road. With this news and more models expected to be confirmed from the LA motor show from other big brands, we believe that the Mondeo could have a challenge on its hands.  

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