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BMW reveal the new X5M and X6M ahead of their debut in LA

Friday 7th November 2014 09:54:56

This month brings to us the LA motor show and it is always an event where many manufacturers from the auto world are represented and one of these big companies who have made an impact on the show over the course of its twenty nine year history is of course the German brand BMW. This year is set to bring much of the same from the firm also as the company have officially revealed their more performance orientated X5 and X6M models ahead of their first public debut in Los Angeles later on this month. Both the X5 and X6 have taken the SUV market by storm over the past number of years and have delivered on truly phenomenal driving experiences for its customers. What can these brand new additions bring to the table though that could tempt you into making the purchase on one of these brand new models?.


Brand new features and specs to look for with both the X5M and the X6M

The iconic German brand have confirmed that both vehicles will receive some of the very same features with its power and performance source coming from the very same engine. So with the car being more power orientated before, we shall start with a look underneath the bonnet of the vehicle. It has been confirmed that both the X5M and the X6M will receive the fitting of a 4.4 litre,twin turbo V8 engine and will see a power deliverance of 567 brake horse power. Torque for the vehicles have also been upgraded which now show a development of 750NM put out to all four wheels which which now comes in a 21 inch size with the option to upgrade to 21 inches as an extra. Standard BMW tyres also come fitted along with the vehicles.


Thanks to these new performance updates for the engines of the cars, we see that now the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour is achieved by both models in a time of 4.2 seconds. This then progresses on to reach an overall top speed limitation of 155 miles per hour. A brand new launch control system is also fitted to both variants and which work well with the standard double clutch, eight speed, automatic transmission system.


A more advanced braking system,a set of new bumpers and a lowered suspension system has also been thrown into the mix with these new additions. BMW have also included some brand new features inside of the vehicles also which include the likes of electric heated seating, dual zone climate control,electric windows and a brand new infotainment system is also thrown into the mix.


How much will BMW put these models on sale for?

So there is some good news all round here and that is that the vehicles will be officially shown to the world for the first time ever from the Los Angeles motor show this month with the first set of deliveries on the car to arrive on our roads from the 11th of April next year. It has also been confirmed that the X5M will go on sale from £90,170 whereas the X6M will go on sale from a purchase price of £93,070. With a brand new Alfa Romeo SUV in the works and Mercedes incorporating new technology into their SUV models with the G Code concept in the future, the X5 and X6M are certainly more focused on making an impact than ever before.  

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