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How could buying a tyre insurance policy for your BMW save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds?

The choice of tyre insurance for your BMW may seem an obvious one. The brand is stylish, desirable, yet also practical and therefore can be used for both family use and long distance commuting. The styling aspect of these beautifully designed machines can mean that large wheels and low profile tyres can be combined to improve the atheistic appearance of the vehicle.


BMW tyre insurance?


The BMW range has expanded too, with the usual models of the 3 series, 5 series and 7 series being joined by the 'Z' sports cars and the 'X' range of 4x4 vehicles. BMW have also entered the more domestic market with the 1 series, and made the 3 series more attainable for the man on the street. Indeed we have seen the 3 series appear in the Top 10 best selling UK vehicles consistently over the last few years.


So with more and more UK consumers turning towards BMW as a brand choice, naturally they will consider the running costs of such a vehicle. If you look at the current standard fitting for a BMW 320 SE is a 225/50/17 tyre. This will mean that any replacement tyre is likely to cost between £200 and £350 depending on the tyre you choose.


Tyre Insurance is designed to protect the cost of repair or replacement of the item for your BMW, and in many cases the cost of a 3 year policy is equivalent to replacing just one tyre in that period. What is the chance that you will have tom replace a tyre within a three year period?


Buy Tyre Insurance from your BMW dealer?


The tyre product is often one of the more popular accessories taken by BMW buyers these days, the added peace of mind and protection against unwanted bills can be attractive to purchasers of this prestige brand. However, like all types of these products (like gap insurance), do not assume you only have to buy from your dealer. Buy tyre insurance from an independent company and you could save yourself a small fortune.

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