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Alfa Romeo developing a new SUV model ahead of a 2016 launch

Thursday 6th November 2014 14:57:00

Italian car firm Alfa Romeo are currently in the midst of developing a brand new SUV model which has been seen undergoing its first set of tests ahead of a planned launch in two years time. Alfa Romeo are most well known for their range of Giulietta models which has recently introduced the Sprint variant into the world. Now though the brand are working on this new SUV model which was spotted under the body work of a Maseratti model. Features and parts to come along with the bodywork of the car are therefore very much under lock and key at this moment in time. The body work that was put over the car itself was that of the Maseratti Ghibli and judging by the space between the wheels and the disguise we believe that this new SUV variant is slightly shorter than that of the Ghibli which means the vehicle can be expected to have a smaller tyre size also than that of the Ghibli.  Some information regarding the cars platform and other features though are known about already.


What can we tell you about the new Alfa Romeo SUV right now?

So regarding some of the features of this SUV that we do know about at this moment in time, when the car is launched in 2016 you can expect to find the vehicle made available in both rear wheel and all wheel drive formats. The drive system that has been included with this model shares that of the Maseratti Quattroporte Q4. It is believed that some features of the car will share that of the Range Rover Evoque model but where these features are brought into play is not yet confirmed.


Regarding the engine range that is expected to come along with this SUV model, it has been reported that the vehicle will receive the choice of V6 petrol and diesel units with turbocharged options also expected to go on sale with the vehicle. An eight speed automatic transmission system is also expected to come along with the car from the time of launch.




Can the new Alfa Romeo SUV dominate the division?

So with an SUV market that is constantly evolving, does this new addition from Alfa have the ability to succeed were other may have failed?. SUV models on the top of their game right now include the Q line up from German company Audi and the M Class Mercedes model . So can Alfa Romeo bring something new to the table that will help them make an impression on the SUV market and the automotive industry as a whole when it is launched in 2016 ?. As soon as more information is revealed on the vehicle we will certainly keep you updated.  


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