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The Arrival of the Audi A7 Ultra

Tuesday 29th July 2014 13:18:10


Today we focus on a brand new vehicle addition to arrive on our streets courtesy of the German manufacturer Audi. This model makes it's way to you in the form of the all new A7 Ultra. The Audi brand in the past have locked horns with the likes of Mercedes amongst many other manufacturers and have certainly proven to be the top brand on many separate occasions. Vehicle additions such as the S3 and A4 have proven to be key ingredients in the success of Audi and so has the A7. Now that the A7 Ultra version has arrived on European markets, what will it have to offer you that could interest you more in this vehicle than anything else on offer from other brands ?.


The overall performance rates and features of the Audi A7 Ultra


So what new features and changes make their way to the Ultra version that differ from the standard A7 ?. Well with a look into what kind of power this new machine packs, we see that the German company have included the use of a 3.0 litre,V6,turbo diesel engine which helps the car out when it comes to producing a total power output of 215 brake horse power with top speeds being reached all round of 148 miles per hour. A good steady sprint time from the get go to 62 miles per hour also comes with the Ultra variant and it occurs in a total of 7.3 seconds. A seven speed S Tronic transmission system also comes along with this front wheel drive vehicle.


There are however some new additional pieces of equipment that come along with this car too and we see these come as an all new single frame grille, an updated exhaust system and a brand new set of both front and rear bumpers. Matrix LED headlights also come along as an option extra with this brand new addition to the Audi line up.


In the past Audi have gone head to head with the BMW 5 series model with the A7 so can this new updated version prove to do much of the same and potentially rival the same firm with other vehicles too ?.


How much does the Audi A7 Ultra sell for ?


So if you're interested in purchasing this A7 Ultra model, it will set you back a grand total of £48,665. Good news again here is that you can drive away in the A7 Ultra right now from selected Audi dealerships/showrooms in your area.  

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