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Is it worth buying Tyre Insurance for your Mercedes-Benz

Tyre Insurance protection is a common product offered by Mercedes main dealers when you opt to buy a vehicle from them. The theory behind this is clear, as the cost of replacing tyres on up market brands like Mercedes Benz can be significant. The cost of a new tyre can run to hundreds of pounds. The fact that many Mercedes vehicles also use 'run flat' tyres means that repairing such a style of tyre is nearly impossible, and therefore a sizable bill is almost always inevitable.


Tyre Insurance for your Mercedes.



These days the Mercedes dealer may offer you a tyre insurance product as a 'stand alone' product, or more and more popularly, as part of a 'protection pack'. This pack can include some, or all of the following products:


Gap Shortfall Insurance

Smart Dent/Scratch Insurance

Tyre Insurance


Other products can be added, such as excess insurance, or paint protection also. These packages can provide a multitude of cover for the vehicle owners, but the premium price can be quite steep.



Mercedes Benz owners can often be provided these packages for £1500 plus from Mercedes main dealers, which is enough to make your eyes water after you think you have struck a good deal on your car. However, like most things these days, you can look around for these products from independent sources, and normally at a fraction of the price.


Tyre insurance for all Mercedes Benz


So if you are looking for tyre insurance for your Mercedes C class, E class or any other model, then take a good look at the product offered by the dealer and do some homework. You could find that you could buy an equivalent tyre protection product for less than 50% of the premium offered by the motor dealer.


As always you should compare policy terms carefully, as with any insurance the devil is in the detail. This is exactly the same for Mercedes Tyre Insurance products.

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