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The brand new Audi Q7 is spotted

Friday 14th November 2014 15:01:10

The new forthcoming SUV from German based company Audi has been spotted in the form of the newly revised Q7. The vehicle is due to go on sale here in the UK and across other parts of the world from next year with its first official unveiling to occur from the Detroit motor show this coming January. The vehicle was spotted out and about testing for the second time this year but this time revealing more of the future bodywork design used that Audi will continue to use in their SUV division in the future. Some new features of the car can be clearly seen from the pictures that have been revealed and they also reveal a new design scheme for the Audi brand. The Q7 first went on sale from 2006 and here we are now eight years later with the biggest revision that the car has ever received vastly upon us.


Are the new features of the revised Audi Q7 exciting?

We certainly think so yes. Minor adjustments have been made to the Q7 over the past eight years but nothing major. This is to be the biggest revamp that the car has ever received and we have all of the information that is known so far. So firstly we will take a look at the bodywork of the car and some of the new features that have been incorporated this time around. Well firstly, the vehicle still remains a seven seater but now the vehicle is said to look slightly smaller than its predecessor. This would mean that the weight reduction planned for the vehicle has come into play. The chassis that the car runs on is also stated to be made from aluminium. A set of LED matrix headlights have also been thrown in with the vehicle with a set of rectangle exhausts also located at the other end of the vehicle. A brand new hexagonal grille has also been included at the front end of the Q7.


Moving on now to a view of the technical side of things. An eight speed,automatic transmission system is believed to come along with the vehicle which will still run on a four wheel drive platform. Both a three and 4.2 litre TDI engine range are also expected to come along with the model from the time of launch. A range of turbo petrol engines are also expected to come along with the car. This could be the ideal source of competition for the new X5 and X6M from BMW and Mercedes could also bring the fight to the Q7 with their M range SUV vehicles.


How much will the revised Audi Q7 go on sale for?

Prices that will come along with the different variations of the vehicle are yet to be confirmed by the German company but it is believed that the vehicle will go on sale with a price tag of around £45,000. More will be announced on this matter and a launch time is also expected to be revealed from the Detroit motor show this coming January.  

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