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Mercedes reveal their future design plans with the new G-Code concept

Friday 14th November 2014 15:29:46

The Mercedes brand have recently revealed their brand new G-Code concept vehicle which displays the future development that the firm are looking to take with their SUV models. The vehicle was revealed showing of some brand new design schemes and technology incorporated into the vehicle that has never before been seen in a car. This has been stated as the future in which Mercedes are planning for their SUV range. The size of the vehicle can be compared to that of the Q range that Audi have to offer but there is no word as of yet as to whether or not this model will be come a production car in the future?. The design of the car itself looks very futuristic and we have seen some technological advancements take a place in the car that blown us away.


The future for the Mercedes G Code concept

So regarding these amazing pieces of technology that will find a place in this G Code concept model. We see that the front end of this vehicle has a wide slat grille. This is where the new technology comes into play. The slat grille is not actually a grille. It is made to look like one but in fact its the new light bar technology that the firm have included. This digital light at the front end of the car will light up Blue when the car is remaining stationary but when the car begins to move and is travelling, Blue stars will move across the digital screen. There is also a Hybrid driving mode confirmed for the vehicle which when being used flashes Red stars across the display at the front. A total of three driving models are to come along with the model. This four seater vehicle will also come with one light bar around the rear end of the car in a similar fashion to that of the Honda Civic. A new digital system will also allow the driver to drive on either a front, rear or all wheel drive platform depending on which the driver prefers.


The next biggest piece of technology to come with the car though is via the ignition system. A key is not needed to power the vehicle up. During a presentation on the G-Code, Mercedes said that a docking station will be included with the car which you plug your smartphone into in order to power up the engine. Rear view cameras will also be included with the model which will display the screens at the end of both the left and the right end of the windscreen and will be super imposed onto your windscreen.


Will the G-Code make production in the future?

There is no word as to whether the vehicle will be made available as a production model in the future. The German auto-maker are set to use some of these designs in future SUV models though. We are not entirely sure as to which technology features could also be carried over in the future. The Mercedes design studio in Beijing are responsible for this G-Code model.  

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