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Do you know what the tyre pressure of your vehicle is?

The tyres on your car or motorbike are probably the single most important safety aspect you should be aware of. However, a recent report has suggested that the average British motorist does not really pay them much attention.


What the average UK motorist knows about tyres.


Around three quarters of British motorists drive on under inflated tyres. This can effect safety, but also fuel efficiency and your carbon footprint. This will also mean that they will inevitably have to be changed more frequently. The cumulative economic effect is that it costs over £2 billion pounds every year for this poor basic maintenance not to be followed.


Around one in eight cars on the road have at least one defective tyre.


An additional one in eight vehicles have a tyre with less than 2mm tread, although not illegal these really should be changed.


A huge nine out of ten UK motorists do not know what the correct tyre pressure should be for their vehicle.


Four out of ten British motorists say they have checked the pressure in their vehicle tyres.


Seven out of ten had no idea of the legal minimum tread depth (which is 1.6 mm over 75 per cent of the tread’s continuous width).


Why these figures are alarming!


Clearly your vehicle tyres are the only part of your vehicle that contacts the road you drive on. If the rest of your vehicle is in A1 condition then this may mean little if your tyres are dangerous. Maintenance and monitoring of your tyres are a crucial safety aspect of keeping your vehicle. If you are in any doubts over your tyres, check your owners handbook, or go to your local tyre retailer for a check up.


Remember also that you can face a fine and points on your Driving License if you use the road with dangerous tyres. It is a false economy not to have them checked.

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