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Less than 60% of 18-24 year old female drivers know what to do is their tyre is punctured.

A recent survey has shown that there are as many as 11 out of 20 young people who are in the age bracket of 18-24 that have admitted that they are actually not aware of how to change a tyre on a vehicle.


This information was released recently by and it is likely that such results will shock and disappoint many older drivers, as it indicates that most of the young drivers out there are operating their cars without the basic practical motoring skills that they should have.


Young men are the gender that is more confident that they are aware how to install a spare tyre on their car, with 57.1% claiming that they would be able to do so. Female respondents to the survey appeared to be a lot less sure, with only 34% of those surveyed saying that they believed that they could carry out the same task.


IntelligentCarLeasing has said that young people have said that one of the reasons why they have never learned how to fit a spare tyre to their car is due to having breakdown cover in their insurance policy. Other documented reasons by young drivers include that it isn't a mandatory requirement for passing their driving test to know how to change a tyre and so they have never bothered to learn how to do so.


An even more shocking reason that was reported as being offered is that most cars have run flat tyres anyway, which unfortunately for most young drivers is actually not true, with a very small amount of vehicles having run flat rubber.


According to the company that issued this survey, the gender gap could be justified by a number of different outlooks, including that men are the gender more likely to take pride in being able to complete a mechanical task or being too embarrassed to say that they actually can't complete such a task.


The information gathered from the young people surveyed is shocking, however with changing a tyre not being a mandatory requirement on a driving test, it is no wonder that a lot of people try to get away with not knowing how to do so.

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