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Quick Guide to Run Flat Tyres

Are Runflat Tyres really the best tyre money can buy or simply a gimmick?


One of the most important safety aspects on any vehicle are the tyre fitted to it. Millions of pounds have been spent developing features and systems within tyres to ensure that driving is as safe as possible. Tyres form the barrier between the moving vehicle and the road, and therefore every aspect of tyre integrity and safety is paramount.


There are not too many guides to run flat tyres, and their advantages, so we thought we would provide you with one.


The 'run flat' tyre (or self supporting as it is also known) has become more and more popular over the last few years, both with vehicle owners and manufacturers. The basis of the tyre is that if you were to suffer deflation of the tyre due to a puncture, then a run flat tyre will be able to maintain its structure to such an extent that it is still safe to drive on for a number of miles.


So how do 'run flat' tyres work? Well unlike conventional tyres that simply deflate when they suffer a puncture, run flats have a reinforced side wall, that allows the tyre to maintain its integrity even when punctured. However this 'fix' will not last forever, but should be enough to see you make it home on a dark night, or to your nearest tyre retailer.


As run flat tyres allow for continued driving, many manufacturers who fit them as standard on brand new vehicles (including BMW and Mini), will not provide a spare wheel on such a vehicle. This must be remembered as you are not guaranteed to maintain the structure of the run flat tyre all the way to your destination.


It should also be remembered that run flat tyres are not advisable for a repair, indeed manufacturers strongly advise against it.


Run Flat tyre can be covered by Tyre Insurance policies also, however as all claims will result in a new tyre (as opposed to a cheaper puncture repair) then the premiums for tyre insurance for run flats can be a little bit higher than for standard tyres.

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