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Tyre and general Insurance claims rise due to pothole damage.

The poor condition of some of the roads in the UK has seen a huge increase in car and tyre insurance claims, according to a new report in the Telegraph. The report says that claims due to damage caused by potholes has doubled in the last 12 months, according to figures highlighted from AA Insurance.



The state of the UK roads has long been a bone of contention for the average motorist. Striking an unforeseen pothole can cause damage to your tyres, but also your alloy wheels, suspension, brakes and even bodywork. For those fortunate enough to spot an offending pothole, even swerving around can cause further damage as collisions can often occur as a result.



Many drivers are unaware that the Highways Agency, or the local council could be liable for any claim for damage to the vehicle. These bodies are responsible for the upkeep of the roads, and any damage should be reported to them straightaway. are reporting that the holes in the UK roads are getting bigger too, and that this may be caused by delays in repairing them, or poor standard or original repair.



If you strike a pothole, and your car does not feel right after, then you should always get it checked out. The AA Insurance state that any wobble you may feel could be the result for damaged steering, or tyres. If you should spot a bulge in a tyre wall then this could be a sign of serious damage. If you continue to drive on the tyre then this could result in a blow out, and a serious accident.



TyreInsurance123 would clearly recommend that you take no chances after striking a pothole. If you have any doubts then you should get your vehicle checked, and remember that your tyres can be replaced on your tyre insurance policy in these circumstances, should you have one.

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