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Tyre Insurance - The Devil is in the Detail.

Like all insurance products today, there can be a massive difference between the many products on the market. There are many policy terms that you may wish to avoid with any type of insurance. This is as true with tyre insurance as it is with any other type of cover. For many consumers who look to protect against the cost of tyre replacement or repair, the selection of one particular product over another can be quite difficult, so how can you choose.



Unfortunately there is little alternative to getting 'down and dirty' with the product terms, as you really do need to get a cup of tea, take a deep breath and have a good read through the policy document in black and white.



Tyre Insurance terms and conditions



Remember, it does not matter whether you have Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear or any other type of tyre, the tyre insurance products in the market should treat you just the same. So what sort of policy terms should you keep and eye out for?



It is worth checking out of there are any minimum tyre depths below which any claim cannot be settled. For example, the minimum tyre tread required in the UK to be road legal is 1.6mm, but many tyre insurance products have a minimum requirement of 2.0mm below which no claim may be made.


You may also wish to check if a tyre located in a particular place on the car can be claimed for on more than one occasion. For example, even though you are permitted up to 5 claims in total, they may only be for each of the tyres on one occasion. That is to say one claim each for the Near Side Front, Near Side Rear, Off Side Front, Off Side Rear and the Spare.



You may also want to check if there are any excess payable for repairs or replacements, although even so this should only be a small amount. Other items to check would be if there are any period of exclusions before you can make a claim, for example for the first 30 days from policy purchase.



As always, the 'devil is in the detail' with tyre insurance, do not assume that claims will be upheld on every request made.

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