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Uk Street where vandals have targeted tyres

Residents of a quiet street in Devon face bills running to hundreds of pounds for replacement tyres after a vandal slashed dozens of tyres along the road. The residents of Chatsworth Road in Ellacombe awoke to find the carnage a week ago, as police suspect the yob to have used a knife, or even a dart to inflict the damage.


The residents say that this is not the first incident of its kind, however the number of tyres attacked has never been so high. The yob appeared to have targeted every third vehicle along the road for the attack. The residents have suggested that the reason for the attack can be attributed in some way to the fact that the street lights are turned off at 1am each night. This allows the vandal free reign in pitch darkness.


Of course such attacks are not isolated, and whilst large numbers of vehicles being targeted are rare, for those who suffer from this type of crime can be left with a substantial bill.


Remember, tyre insurance can protect you not only from accidental damage, but also from malicious damage such as this example. This means you can claim for up to 5 replacement tyres on the policy, and not be left with an unwanted, and possibly untimely bill for new tyres!


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