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The brand new Porsche 911 GTS Coupe

Monday 17th November 2014 09:31:46

It is a vehicle for the Porsche brand that has achieved phenomenal success ever since it first went on sale around the world from 1963. It is one of the longest consecutively built vehicles on our road today and has proven to be the ideal contender for the top spot which it has reached several times over the years on the sports car market. The vehicle we are referring to today is of course the 911.

This vehicle has brought the battle to the best of them including the BMW M6 and the Audi R8 over the years but can a new addition help maintain such a strong showing?. With that being said, we are today looking into a brand new special edition of the vehicle that is all set to take the automotive industry by storm. This brand new model has been called the 911 GTS Coupe. It has received some tweaks to the bodywork design structure and also features a lot more standard equipment now than ever before. The big factor with this brand new model however is the all out upgraded power that it produces.


What can you get out of a new 911 GTS Coupe?

So lets get straight into the reasons why you should make the purchase on a 911 GTS Coupe. The big change as we noted previously is the upgraded power that now comes along with the vehicle. We see that now a 3.8 litre,flat six engine has been included during the production process which now sees power kick in at 424 brake horse power. A torque development of 440NM is also produced. Thanks to these new changes taking affect, we also see that an overall top speed of 189mph can now be reached with that infamous sprint from the 0 to 62mph range being achieved by this new addition in a quick time of 3.8 seconds. A brand new set of Black alloy wheels come with the vehicle now as do a brand new set of light clusters and the exhaust system now comes in Black.


The standard equipment to come along with the new 911 though is perhaps the most exciting feature. Porsche have now introduced some new features which include: Active suspension management, a built in sat nav system,An Alcantara steering wheel and sports seating and the sports chrono package now also comes along with the car completely standard.


How much will the 911 GTS Coupe cost you?

A purchase price of £93,969 comes along with the new 911 GTS Coupe. A release date for the vehicle remains unconfirmed as of yet but we do expect to see the car go on sale at some point throughout next year. The Mercedes brand have just put their brand new AMG GT model on sale which could be the number one source of competition for the new 911 so does Porsche have a fight on their hands when they do release this vehicle?.

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